Cat-Eyes the Chameleon

Cat-Eyes the Chameleon

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Google Reader: I'm addicted

I know Google Reader has been around for like FOREVER, but I've just recently begun using it on a daily basis to keep up with the ton of blogs I'm following. 

You know you are addicted to blog reading when you choose to do that over watching TV and/or you browse blogs while watching TV and have to pause the TV show to read a particularly good post.  Yes, I do that.  :-)

Still being fairly new to the blog world I was frustrated with how to best keep up with blogs I was following.  I used to go to my dashboard and click on individual blogs that were at the top of my list since those had the most recent updates.  That was too time consuming and didn't allow me to get through most of the updates. 

One day I happened to notice the "View in Google Reader" link and WHA-LA! My eyes were opened to a whole new method for tracking, reading and even sharing blogs with others.  I'm not sure if reading blogs in this manner allows the bloggers to know their blog has been read by recording it as a "page view" though.  So on post that are particularly interesting to me I will click on them and go to the actual page so that it's counted and oftentimes, those are the ones I leave comments on.  Hmmm...if only Google Reader would add "Leave a Comment" to the main reader page would be awesome!!!  

How do you track the blogs you are following?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday House Cleaning :-(

Really!  Who LIKES to clean house on Saturday's.  Any day for that matter!

Like most people I enjoy having a clean house, but hate making the time to clean it.  Of particular annoyance to me is the dust accumulation on my hard wood and manufactured wood floors.  Typically I sweep the floor and within a short time the floors are dusty again.  

Today I thought about the fact that dust particles are sent airborne when you sweep and those particles end up back on the floor.  So, I said to myself "I need to do something different to keep the dust from flying".  It dawned on me that I should try spraying Endust on the bottom of the broom to keep the dust particles from going airborne.  IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM!  I will now instruct my family members to do the same.

After I was done I decided to do some internet searching to see what other "dusty floor" sweeping tips I could find and in particular to see if anyone else was doing the same as I had just done.  And of course I did!  I think I may have done this before, but forgotten about it.  Hopefully I'll remember from now on.

Today I don't have too many outside events/activities to attend so my goal is to get more house cleaning done in between reading three chapters for my class.

#1 Cleaning Tip
Delegate Cleaning Tasks: Why We LOVE Having Families!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Only the Word of God can do this

I would love to give credit to the creator of this image. If that is you, please contact me.