Cat-Eyes the Chameleon

Cat-Eyes the Chameleon

Sunday, August 16, 2015

S O L D I E R is #PeriSistersinChrist

The theme for this week in an incredible awesome Periscope Group I belong to, which goes by PeriSistersinChrist is "SOLDIER".  You can find us on Facebook by going to

1.  What does this mean to me?

2.  What does it represent.

Sisters Orderly Living, Daily, to Intentionally Experience Renewing in Christ

Sister - a female friend or protector regarded as a sister.

Orderly - methodically; regularly.
Daily -   every day; day by day

Intentionally done with intention or on purpose; intended:

Experience - the process or fact of personally observing, encountering, or undergoing something:

Renewing - to be restored to a former state; become new or as if new again.

in Christ 

The #PeriSistersinChrist  is an awesome group of women who chose to keep Christ first in their lives.  We gather together during scopes (live videos) to edify, motivate, encourage, pray, cry ....... you name it, we are doing it with and for one another as we glorify our Lord and savior. 

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