Cat-Eyes the Chameleon

Cat-Eyes the Chameleon

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Am I a Grammar Nazi?

Good Grammar vs. Bad & Slang

This is really a huge pet peeve of mine. Where should the line be drawn?  Now let me first say that I'm not perfect in this arena, but I strive to speak and write in accordance with the "arena" I'm in without overusing the ever popular slang talk.  Am I alone in this frame of thought?  I think NOT!

Just this morning I was reading some tweets and one in particular caught my attention so I clicked on over to read the referenced article.  I thought "WOW, this is so true.  I'll retweet it when I'm done.", but then I noticed a grammar error.  No problem, its minor.  Then another, and another.....STOP....I can't retweet this because it has too many grammar errors.  I decided that I would instead TWEET about my annoyance with the use of bad grammar and in the process, before I could post, I came across another tweet from AdviceToWriters with a quote admonishing us to:

Read Bad Stuff  Source:       

"If you are going to learn from other writers don’t only read the great ones, because if you do that you’ll get so filled with despair and the fear that you’ll never be able to do anywhere near as well as they did that you’ll stop writing. I recommend that you read a lot of bad stuff, too. It’s very encouraging. “Hey, I can do so much better than this.” Read the greatest stuff but read the stuff that isn’t so great, too. Great stuff is very discouraging."

Did I just get "served"???  -->>
             SMH = Shaking My Head

Well, not completely, but enough to make me reconsider my TWEET.  The quote above is really about challenging those of us who choose to write, whether professionally or casually, to broaden our scope of reading in order to learn, not just from the masters of writing, but those that are up and coming "masters" as well. 

 I recall reading a few articles about this very subject over the years, did some online researching and found one in particular that I enjoyed.  This article, The Importance of Good Spelling and Grammar, sums up my viewpoint pretty well and gives some great examples.

In closing, 6 Things to remember and consider when writing and speaking, whether it be for a web site, a blog (business or personal), posting on FaceBook, Twitter or even the casual YouTube video poster:
  1. Know your audience.
  2. Appeal to the masses and not your own personal style when it's going to be public.
  3. Use slang AND "texting abbreviations" in moderation.
  4. Proof read.
  5. Proof read (again).
  6. Have someone else PROOF READ your writing before posting if possible.  :-)
Feel free to comment and voice your thoughts on this subject! [or even point out a typo or error :-) , I'd appreciate it and correct it.]


  1. I'd say that I'm a bit of a snob sometimes myself. I tend to not RT if there's a lot of errors....funny thing is....after someone reads my blog, they're prone to say the same thing! LOL

    My audience: mostly a bunch of busy adopting mamas who forgive my typos in exchange for some real transparent mama talk! LOL.

  2. Hey Cateyes,

    I look at grammar, but mistakes don't get to me too much. I know I make quite a few. But when I see the same person make the same mistakes over and over and over again, I stop reading what they share.

    I can't stand when the young crowd writes in text phonics or should I say ebonics on Facebook. I can't even read the junk.

    Totally feeling wehre you're coming from.

  3. Thanks for your response Evelyn and I agree about NOT reading writers who make the same "mistakes" over and over again! I actually don't mind the ebonics on Facebook since its style is geared towards "informal conversation".


THANK YOU! I really appreciate when people take the time to comment. :-)