Cat-Eyes the Chameleon

Cat-Eyes the Chameleon

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

5 Ways to Succeed at being YOU!

 1. Get to know YOUrself!
Oftentimes we get caught up into doing what we have been "trained" to do or even sticking with that job/career that we first started out in.  Maybe that's not your true passion. 
  • What do you like to do when no one else is around?
  • What do you enjoy doing AND would you do for FREE because you enjoy it that much?
      • Have you thought of turning that one thing into a business? Consider it!

2. Know when to say "NO" 
Family and friends can make you feel pressured to do something for THEM even when you don't really want to do it.  Don't hesitate to tell them "NO" if you really don't want to do it.  Use that time to work on YOUr goals.

3. Set SMART Goals

Use: SMART Goal Worksheet by Coaching for Impact

4. Evaluate YOUrself
Be HONEST with yourself when evaluting your progress or lack thereof.  If you can't depend on anyone else to be honest with you, YOU need to be honest with yourself in order to make sure you "Succeed at being YOU".  Questions to ask yourself:
  • How much time and effort did you put into accomplishing the task(s)/goal?
  • Is there a smarter way to accomplish your goal?
  • How can you improve YOUrself? i.e., skills, updated training, etc. 
  • Should you continue pursuing the goal? Does is need to be tweaked or changed all together?
These are just a few questions to get you going.  The goal here is to evaluate what you have been doing, realigning your goals and/or setting new goals if you've reached your previous ones.  For a list of more questions and other information about evaluating yourself check out this Article on personal goal setting.

5. Don't be afraid to change directions 
After doing all of the above you may find that the BEST YOU is leading you in another direction.  Your interest may vary greatly and the one interest you thought would be your "meal ticket", so to speak, is not panning out as you expected.  Once you've completed your evaluation of yourself you should have a better or clearer picture of what direction you want to be headed in. 

Finally, you want to repeat this process periodically based on the length of your goals.  Evaluate yourself after each goal period (short, medium, long term) and then set new goals.  Example: Your original medium term goals may now be your short term goals and your long term goals become your medium.  Following this process will have you re-accessing and setting new Long Term goals so that you are ALWAYS striving for the next level. 

Don't allow your last success
to become your failure because you FAIL
to plan for continued success.

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  1. This made great reading! Realized that there is no such thing as 'fixed goals'. You should be flexible while fixing or trying to reach goals! Read my views on my blog


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