Cat-Eyes the Chameleon

Cat-Eyes the Chameleon

Monday, January 9, 2012

MM #1: Ben Tankard

Music Monday
 Today is my very first Music Monday and I want to spotlight Ben Tankard, a GospelJazz Musician.  For the past few weeks during my work hours I've been listening to a Pandora channel I created based on this artist.

Unlike most people I have a difficult time listening to (and fully enjoying) music with lots of lyrics while doing any type of work that requires me to really process what I'm doing.  It's just a distraction for me, so listening to the smooth sounds of Ben and others similar to his style has been very relaxing during my sometimes hectic days.

His bio states:
As a modern day "David" and often referred to as "The Minstrel," Ben Tankard has a strong anointing to play under the unction of the Holy Spirit and has witnessed tumors melting, people being raised out of wheel chairs, deaf ears opened, and relationships mended in his concert-crusades.

Tankard states, "signs and wonders must follow when a minstrel plays. We should expect debt cancellations and all other yokes to be destroyed and burdens lifted when our music is played."

Who wouldn't want to listen to music this anointed!
Take a listen for yourself...


  1. Such a lovely track :)
    I too prefer music without too many lyrics (easy lounge beats or house music) as I find the lyrics tend to be very distracting

    Glad you found the MM suggestion helpful :)

  2. @Dazediva: We seem to have quite a few things in common. :-) I'm new to blogging and I was confused as to what an MM was, but after checking out your Blog MUSIC page and learned quickly!


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