Cat-Eyes the Chameleon

Cat-Eyes the Chameleon

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Tribute to My Husband

I loves me 
     some him!

While driving home I was thinking what am I going to write for my blog post today?  Then I thought about my husband and the event he was attending tonight and decided to send him a text message that simply said “Love you!!”.  He responded back “Hey baby. Love you too!”  Of course that made me blush and feel all happy inside.

Last night we were up late watching some Youtube videos and we happened across of The Lexi Show channel and watched the interview with LaShun Pace.  Hearing her testimonies, which included two failed marriages, I’m all the more grateful for my one and only soulmate.

However, I really want to share with you how PROUD of him I am.  Already feeling all warm and fuzzy inside from the text message I arrived home to see a wonderful letter he left for me to read from his Captain for a job well done for his concerted efforts in coordinating with the Marine Corps Toys for Tots campaign.  This was the police department’s 5th year assisting the county residents by providing over 37,000 toys to more than 15,000 children.  This was his second year coordinating the event for the department and because of his hard work and selfless dedication was a huge success not only for the police department, but the families as well.  When I read the words “selfless dedication” I said “yup, that’s my husband”, he goes over and above what his job expects of him and the amount of time and work he puts into this event even when he’s off the clock is nothing short of “selfless dedication”.  His standards are HIGH the results speak for itself.

Of course he didn’t do this alone.  There were a lot of people who work with and along side him to pull this event off and without naming any names I want to say Thank You to them as well.  I know some of them may read this post. :-) 

After being married going on twenty-two (22) years and together for twenty-six (26) years I’m thankful that we still share a mutual love and respect for one another.

"Honey I'm so proud of you and will always be your #1 supporter in all you do!"

 The look on his face when I read this post to him - Priceless!
Good night!

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  1. What a beautiful post and how wonderful that you still have such love and respect for each other. It was really uplifting to read this and to know that there really are some amazing people out there. Thank you for sharing.


THANK YOU! I really appreciate when people take the time to comment. :-)